Barn Renovation

barn renovation

Sometimes you need to renovate more than your home. What about a barn renovation? Our client wanted to renovate their barn and they did not exactly know what they wanted. They did know that they did not want it to be the typical barn when they were done. We took a look at what was existing and let them know what could be done to create a new space.

You can see the old red and gray barn that existed. Our client desired a slick, green and white layout that fit their style, so we delivered!¬† The white trim against the green background made it jump out. We rebuilt the barn doors to allow proper access, and installed a new sliding¬† barn door to give access to our client’s mower and equipment. We also installed “Man doors” with self closing hinges that allowed the horses to range the open yard without leaving the site open.

Have a project that you are trying to tackle? Have a barn renovation that you need? Whether an old barn or a pole barn that needs updated, let us know. Please give New view renovations a call to get your project going today!!!! We look forward to helping you!!

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