Kitchen overhaul

Kitchen projects come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes a simple cabinet swap makes a huge difference. Sometimes, however, more in depth repairs are needed to bring a kitchen space up to par. Our client thought they just needed their cabinets swapped out, but unfortunately a kitchen overhaul was required. We took a look at the old kitchen, and came up with a perfect layout that would suit their needs. As you can see, the old kitchen needed some help.

The existing beautiful, large window in the kitchen provided natural light. The cabinets, however, left much to be desired. We flocked to the drawing board and selected the perfect materials for the new space. Unfortunately, we discovered some surprises once the kitchen was extracted. Over the years, other contractors poured floor leveler over the existing flooring to create a smooth surface. They didn’t, however, repair the joists that were crumbling over time.

As you can see, the ends of the joists had deteriorated badly without our client knowing. We re-framed the entire floor so it could be leveled out properly to accommodate the new kitchen installation. Once we repaired the bones of the kitchen, we moved forward with the rest of the project.

Our client desired to keep the country feel of their home without sacrificing quality. The farm sink provided a perfect accent to the new space. Black quartz tops created an amazing accent to the cabinets that were chosen, and we installed a gray subway tile splash to pull everything together. Our client loved the finished result!! The kitchen definitely took on a new life! Our client needed a kitchen overhaul, and between the cabinets, tops and tile, the kitchen took on a personality of it’s own.

Your project!

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