your bathroom style

Your bathroom style

Different opinions, likes and tastes make the remodeling industry an ever changing landscape. Some home owners desire a clean and sleek look. Other home owners would rather see splashes of color or random patterns to catch the eye. What is your bathroom style? Multitudes of designs and choices exist to allows a client to haveContinue reading “Your bathroom style”

Half Bath

When you think about a bathroom renovation, you typically think large scale. You envision a tiled shower, fancy vanity and a beautiful, large space. In reality, any sized bathroom can be transformed to accommodate the look you are trying to achieve. Do not ignore your half bath – instead, renovate it! We have all seenContinue reading “Half Bath”


A garage provides a spot to store not only your vehicles, but also your toys and other items that would otherwise clutter up your yard and home. Garages can easily be taken for granted until you don’t have one. Our client needed a spot to park their one car, so a large garage was notContinue reading “Garage”

Kitchen overhaul

Kitchen projects come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes a simple cabinet swap makes a huge difference. Sometimes, however, more in depth repairs are needed to bring a kitchen space up to par. Our client thought they just needed their cabinets swapped out, but unfortunately a kitchen overhaul was required. We took a look atContinue reading “Kitchen overhaul”

master bathroom

Master bathroom

This master bathroom needed a facelift. One look and you can tell that this bathroom was original to the home. While not awful, the fixtures were dated and were starting to show wear from many years of use.   We centered the bathroom renovation around the idea of using oil rubbed bronze fixtures, so weContinue reading “Master bathroom”

tile backsplash

Tile Backsplash

Sometimes a kitchen does not need a complete renovation. If you like the cabinets, counter tops and fixtures, why change them? Sometimes just installing a new tile backsplash creates the perfect contrast to your existing space. Our client’s kitchen, unfortunately, did not have a window over the sink. They wanted a view, so we incorporatedContinue reading “Tile Backsplash”

barn renovation

Barn Renovation

Sometimes you need to renovate more than your home. What about a barn renovation? Our client wanted to renovate their barn and they did not exactly know what they wanted. They did know that they did not want it to be the typical barn when they were done. We took a look at what wasContinue reading “Barn Renovation”

kitchen and dining area

Your new kitchen!

  In today’s day and age, a kitchen offers more than just a place to cook meals and clean dishes. Families and friends congregate in the kitchen to enjoy each other’s company. No more days of a home needing a formal dining room. Many of the kitchen renovations that we complete integrate islands designed toContinue reading “Your new kitchen!”

Your other projects!

Dozens of project exist around your home at any given time. Finding the time to tackle these projects typically remains an obstacle. While some projects are essential, you may have some projects that you want to accomplish simply for the updated look you desire. Whether you need a stamped concrete patio, a new driveway orContinue reading “Your other projects!”

Your new bathroom!

Want to create a bathroom that shows off your artistic style? Bathrooms have evolved substantially over the years. We renovate many bathrooms that still have the blue and pink tile from the 1960’s, and the results really stand out! Have a earth-tone bathroom from the 90’s? We look forward to helping you out with thatContinue reading “Your new bathroom!”

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